Version Now Available

ZPI has officially released version of the ZPI software bundle and recommends that all clients upgrade to the new version. The software package will feature version for the Dashboard, Improvement Interface, and DataCrunch.

ZPI Dashboard

  • Email Reports – Allows users to configure multiple reports on a schedule to be sent directly to an email group or contact.
  • Output Progress – PRC Output Goal Scheduling.
  • Output Progress – Ability to normalize output part types.
  • Improved speed and response for Andon/Machine Signal State/Analog monitor to retrieve live data.
  • Report Designer – Table export functionality.
  • Stacked/Unstacked Custom Reports – Added PV Columns to custom columns, added PRC Output goal into column selection.
  • Stacked/Unstacked Custom Reports – Keyboard search for custom column names.
  • Full language compatibility in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

ZPI Improvement Interface

  • PRC Output Goal Scheduling.
  • Time Grid Classic View.
  • Waterfall – Duration breakdown for Downtime data.
  • Forensics – Ability to delete event comments created by other users.
  • Forensics – Ability to select multiple events to apply comments, conditions, A/C/C.
  • Multi-plant database Advanced Excel/Minitab exports support.
  • SKU – Customizable Line input/output source.
  • Full language compatibility in English, Chinese, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

The upgrade requires data collection to stop for 10-15 minutes during the installation of DataCrunch. ZPI staff are available to perform upgrades from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. We prefer not to perform DataCrunch upgrades on Friday so that we have one business day after the upgrade to monitor data collection.

Please email to let us know when we can schedule your upgrade.