Increase Productivity. Reduce Waste. Save Money.

The industry leading ZPI Enterprise Manufacturing Diagnostics suite provides accurate and comprehensive data collection and analytical tools that provide packaging, manufacturing and processing facilities with the tools required to increase availability, improve performance, reduce quality defects, increase outputs, decrease costs, and increase profit margins. The ZPI software package has been specifically designed to improve the performance of manufacturing processes through the automatic collection, contextualization and reporting of advanced performance data. The software provides the toolset required to diagnose and solve issues that restrict the line from reaching optimal performance.

ZPI connects to your existing programmable logic controllers (PLC) to gather production variables like state and condition from every asset on a line. The system then applies business rules to the raw data and stores the data in a SQL database where the information is accessed quickly and easily from anywhere in the world using our out of the box reporting suite. The ZPI reporting interfaces are specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with performance improvement as the core design principle.  Data is made available at all levels from the shop floor to the top floor, with reporting for operations, improvement teams, external contractors, plant leadership and users across the enterprise. ZPI data is stored in cached tables for extremely quick reporting, ensuring that years of production data is available at your fingertips instantly.


KPI Dashboards

A picture is worth a thousand words is an old saying and we have a lot to talk about with ZPI’s HTML5 powered Dashboard. From a stack of canned reports tailored to specific data needs all the way to custom reporting where you can build your own formulas; ZPI can display any type of data that we collect across the plant! Create specific profiles to display area key performance data that is imperative to all of your production teams.

Desktop Reporting

Users need data at their fingertips that’s easy to interact with and provide the data they need to make decisions efficiently. That’s exactly why our Improvement Interface is the perfect tool for all of your data needs. Quickly run favorite reports with a single click and your data needs are satisfied. View real time line data or trend and analyse stored data going back years.

Operator Interfaces

Specifically crafted Interfaces designed for an HMI or touch screen environment allows for a seamless integration into day-to-day operations with the plant floor. From selecting products for a current or future production run to entering supplemental information for automated events, the Operator Interface will provide the full picture granularity required to make educated analysis on detailed production activity.

On The Go

Be flexible and responsive with ZPI on your mobile devices and receive information if you’re inside the plant or on the road travelling. Our mobile friendly design allows for users on a cell phone or tablet to get real time access to data that’s suited directly for your device. Our HTML5 graphing engine allows reports to load universally on any device, so whether you’re using an Apple or Android device we have you covered!
Do you have a specific daily, weekly, or monthly report to run? No problem, with our automated reporting schedules you can tailor a report to be emailed to your inbox as well as a configured list of recipients when you’d like. Our flexible reporting schedules can tailor to any needs, whether if that is at the end of a specific day or beginning of a shift. The opportunities of staying connected to your production line are limitless!