ZPI Offers Attachments

One of the most widely used features available in the ZPI Interface is getting a new feature. Based on client feedback, ZPI has improved upon the commenting feature that is available. Now there is the added ability to attach any file type to an individual instance of production.
The ability to enter free flowing text allows for more elaborate descriptions of producing events and enhance the reason that ZPI reads directly from the PLC. This has allowed facilities to pin point root causes due to the feedback from individual users documenting on the behavior of the machine.
Expanding on that comes the ability to attach a variety of files and documents. Ranging from .doc to .xml From .avi .to mp4 . From ppt to jpeg. This allows a new perspective of performance and production issues and analysis of events.


Users of all access now have the ability to attach files to individual events. Since when attached the files are stored in a central location all users then have access to launch the file on their computer and have it display immediately.


And best of all. Since this is an expansion of Event comments this allows for a historical view of multiple attachments at once allowing an easy unrestricted view of the important events that have occurred.


Feel free to explore the use of attachments and if there are any questions – please contact us at support@zarpacpi.com